Our treatments use high-quality, therapeutic-grade skincare products from Japan, France, and Canada. Whether you're in need of anti-aging treatment or acne care, or worried about your sensitive skin, we will use products that match the condition of your skin. 

Facial Treatments

*Taxes and tips are excluded on all prices*


Basic Facial

(45mins)     $70

A facial that cleanses and refines your skin. A quick and simple Ideal for first-time skincare guests. Completely with face, décolleté, shoulder and scalp massages.

  • *Cleansing
  • *Skin analysis
  • *Massage
  • *Mask

*Except extraction(no deep cleansing)

Anti-Aging Skin rejuvenation facial

(75mins)  $95

  • Cleansing
  • Deep cleansing
  • Massage
  • Mask


Anti Aging treatment personalized based on desired goals either by using one or combining several for greater benefits.


Repair and restore dry, Mature skin improves texture and achieve a healthy and youthful glow.

Signature Facial

This facial is Customize for your specific skin needs.

  • Anti-acne 

    (75mins)     $90

  • Deep cleansing 

    (75mins)     $90

  • Brightening 

    (60mins)     $80

  • Hydration 

    (60mins)     $80


Premium Facial Treatment , Collagen Intensive Treatment


(90mins)     $120

This unique treatment has amazing anti -aging , lifting and firming effects.


Special collagen serum and 2 kinds of mask will your skin hydrated and plump,restoring youthful skin that bring out your natural glow.

Detox & regeneration & Healing Facial

(90mins)     $95

  • Cleansing
  • Deep cleansing
  • Face, Head, Decollete, shoulder and hand most specialized in meridian massage
  • Mask
  • Finishing

This facial base on signature facial and specialized massage treatment to eliminate stagnant meridians and blood flow.

Japanese high-quality products

We use FAITH's famous fresh collagen Lamellar line, Ray Beauty . Dr Soie and many of Dr. Baeltz products.

La Casta products

Skin care products originated from Paris, France. The formula caters to different types of skin conditions, which can dramatically improve skin condition when it is used regularly. In addition, mild ingredients are used and it is widely accepted by all skin types including sensitive and allergic skin.

Chons Naturals products

Treat Yourself Naturally with the purest organic skin care and aromatherapy products! All Essential Oils are 100% Pure, Organic, and Therapeutic Grade.