Our treatments use high-quality, therapeutic-grade skincare products from Japan, France, and Canada. Whether you're in need of anti-aging treatment or acne care, or worried about your sensitive skin, we will use products that match the condition of your skin. 

Facial Treatments

*Taxes and tips are excluded on all prices*


Basic Facial

(50mins)     $50

A facial that cleanses and refines your skin. Ideal for first-time skincare guests. Complemented with scalp and décolleté massages.


(70mins)  $70

For: Firming, Tightening, Brightening, or Lifting

Premium Facial Treatment


reg $120 → $90 for a limited time!


100% Pure Collagen Intensive Treatment

This unique and natural treatment has amazing anti-aging, lifting and firming effects. Special collagen serum and masks will leave your skin hydrated and plump, restoring youthful skin that brings out your natural glow.

Teen Anti-Acne Facial

(50mins)      $50

This treatment is suitable for youth who have acne issues, excess oil and dullness in their skin. Gently flushes impurities from your pores and calms down the inflammation and excess oil of your skin. 

Healing facials


reg $95 → $80 for a limited time!


Signature facial
(Advanced facial)

Restores the flow of the lymphs and energy flow by helping to improve blood circulation and stimulating your inner energy.

Head and Hand massage

By stimulating the pressure points of the face, head, and hands, these massages help to promote health, brings out your natural beauty, and helps you energize.

Micro-Dermabrasion – Diamond Peeling

(80mins)      $90

This is an advanced non-invasive exfoliation treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, clogged pores and pigmentation. It gently removes a layer of epidermis, which helps to accelerate the skin’s cell turn over and improve skin texture, clarity and restore elasticity. Also effective for hydrating and brightening.

Signature Facial

(60mins)     $60

These series of facials focus on removing dead skin cells and replenishing your skin. The galvanic and lymphatic treatments will help the serum penetrate deep into your skin to promote lifting. Effective for  reducing fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and dullness. Complemented with scalp and décolleté massages.

  1. Deep Cleansing Facial

Offers deep cleansing that flushes out your impurities, remove dead skin cells and promote supple and refined skin.

  1. Anti-Acne Hydration

Treatment that helps reduce excess oil and remove impurities from your skin. Detox mask absorbs excess oil and calms inflammation, leaving skin feeling softer and clearer.

  1. Brightening Facial

If you have concerns with dark spots, dullness and uneven skin tone, this is the treatment for you. Brightening serum and mask will help restore the glow and radiance of your skin while re-balancing the complexion.

Japanese high-quality products

We use FAITH's famous fresh collagen Lamellar line, and many of Dr. Baeltz products.

La Casta products

Skin care products originated from Paris, France. The formula caters to different types of skin conditions, which can dramatically improve skin condition when it is used regularly. In addition, mild ingredients are used and it is widely accepted by all skin types including sensitive and allergic skin.

Chons Naturals products

Treat Yourself Naturally with the purest organic skin care and aromatherapy products! All Essential Oils are 100% Pure, Organic, and Therapeutic Grade.