Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes which are applied onto your own individual natural eyelashes. It enhances the length, thickness and fullness of your natural eyelashes. Our extensions consists of different synthetic and premium hair, and comes with variety of curves depending on your desirable finish.


All of our eyelash extensions are lightweight

Less stress on the natural eyelashes compared to regular eyelash extensions.

New Sets

*Taxes and tips are excluded on all prices*

Classic 1-by-1

Single, lightweight eyelashes


Natural set (up to 140 lashes, 60mins)

Signature set (up to 180 lashes, 90mins)

Gorgeous (unlimited / full max 120mins)


Volume mix hybrid

Hybrid eyelashes: mix of 1-by-1 and 1-by-3 eyelashes.(Max. # of eyelashes is same as Classic because a single 1-by-3 eyelash extension is counted as 1 eyelash)


Natural (up to 140 lashes, 60mins)


Signature (up to 180 lashes, 90mins)


Gorgeous (until lashes are full 120mins)


Full volume lash

1-by-3 to 1-by-6 eyelashes


Soft volume (1-by-3 to 6: max 360 lashes, 60mins)


Fabulous volume (1-by-3 to 6: max 480 lashes, 90mins)

Supper volume (up to 600 lashes, 120mins)



  • For clients who come within 2 weeks of last eyelash extension procedure
  • Service: adding in eyelashes, filling in the empty spaces where eyelash extensions have fallen
  • Deep cleansing service (optional): mascara removal before the procedure (no-charge if you remove yourself)
  • Please read: we do NOT perform refills on eyelashes applied at other eyelash salons due to sanitary purposes and because we cannot guarantee the exact same eyelashes as other salons. We will gladly remove your current ones (pricing below) + perform a full set (pricing above)

~1 week 30mins $30 /45mins $40

~2 weeks 45mins $45 /60mins $55


Volume mix +$15
Full volume +$20
Deep cleansing +$5

Maintenance refills

  • For clients who come in after 2 weeks but within 4 weeks of last procedure (however, if you have ZERO eyelashes left after 3 weeks, you will need a FULL SET instead)
  • Service: adding in eyelashes AND removing old/ eyelashes in bad condition, makeup, and other impurities
  • Deep Cleansing service (optional): mascara removal before the procedure (no-charge if you remove yourself)
  • Please read: we do NOT perform refills on eyelashes applied at other eyelash salons due to sanitary purposes and because we cannot guarantee the exact same eyelashes as other salons. We will gladly remove your current ones (pricing below) + perform a full set (pricing above)
  • It will not exceed the total number at the time of the new set. If customer wants to increase the number, its will get the difference in the set fee of the new set.

~ 3 weeks 60mins $55

~ 4 weeks 60mins $65
*Over 4weeks will be charge new set price

Volume mix +$15
Full volume +$20
Deep cleansing +$5

Eyelash extension maintenance is one of the services we greatly focus on, and is crucial to eyelash health. Eyelash extensions that are left uncleaned and untreated may cause issues, such as irritation or even infections. We are pleased to offer our customers beautiful eyelashes through our precise techniques and care.


Please remove your eye makeup

We count the time spent removing your eye makeup during your appointment. If you would like to save time, we highly suggest you to remove your makeup prior to your visit, or not wear any makeup before coming for your appointment. We also have a makeup removal service (Deep cleansing $5) if you wish for an eyelist to remove it for you. 



Lashes applied by us  $25

Lashes applied at another salon $40

Removal + New Set

If you would like to remove your old lashes and get a new set of eyelash extensions, the removal service will be:

Lashes applied by us  $15

Lashes applied by other salon $25

Eye Specialities

Perm (lift)

Eyelash Perm      $70

Perm & Tint       $85

*Eyelash perm availability may differ day by day. Please contact us for availability. We are sorry for the inconvenience.*


Eyelash / Eyebrow tinting  $25

Eyelash & Eyebrow tinting  $45

Perm & Tint     $85


If you choose to combine any one/more of our services with eyelash or eyebrow tinting, the eyelash or eyebrow tinting service will be:

Eyelash / Eyebrow Tinting  $15 


This is the trimming and tweezing of the eyebrows to get the style you desire.


Eyebrow      $25

If you choose to combine any one/more of our services with eyebrow sharpening, the eyebrow sharpening service will be:

Eyebrow      $15


If you would like to further discuss with our technicians about eyelash extensions, the issues you may be having with them, etc. we recommend you use our counselling service:


Counselling Time     $15 (15mins)



The adhesive used for eyelash extensions are weak against water, heat and oil.

For the next 48 hours after the application, please avoid any contact with water, and we recommend the following:

  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Avoid the use of oil base products
  • When drying your face, pat-dry gently with a towel
  • Avoid sleeping face-down (on your belly)
  • If you apply mascara (water-base), apply on eyelash tips ONLY
  • Book your next eyelash refill after 2-3 weeks to maintain optimum eyelashes

One of the common reasons why lashes fall off is because your natural lashes have its own growing cycle and they fall of daily. It also depends on the application of eyelash extensions and your lifestyle that may results in a small bunch to fall off in certain area.


Aftercare products such as Eyelash Revitalizer is available to promote natural eyelash health, which in turn helps eyelash extensions last longer. 

Please do NOT wear mascara to your eyelash appointment

To our dear Eyelash customers,


We would like to kindly ask clients to please avoid wearing mascara / remove mascara before the scheduled appointment. Eyelashes with mascara can make the procedure difficult, and make the extensions fall out more easily.


If clients arrive with mascara on, the technician will remove it for clients with an additional $15 charge, since a perfect removal of mascara (so that the extensions can be properly applied) will take 15 to 20 minutes. Clients can also bring and use their own makeup remover to remove the mascara upon arrival (no charge). If that is the case, we ask clients to come 15 minutes before the appointment, so that the technician can get right to the client's eyelash procedure, on time.


We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we thank all clients for their kind understanding.