Yoga Kinesiology Therapy Workshop (Toronto) on Sep 28 & 29, 2019










 *English below*

TOKYO BEAUTY STUDIOでは美と健康と心の豊かさをテーマに、アロマとキネシオロジー融合セラピーに引き続き、今年はヨガとキネシオロジー融合セラピーのオリジナルメソッドを作られたヨガジャーナルでもお馴染みの、谷戸康洋先生を日本からお招きして、

2019年 9/28(土)・29(日)10am から 5pm
各日 1DAY






♦ ヨガに興味のある方、もしくはヨガが全く初めての方
♦ 心と身体の繋がりや、その健康法に興味のある方
♦ 自分で出来る健康法や調整法を学びたい方に最適です。






♢ 痛みの緩和
♢ 身体の柔軟性が高まる
♢ 自分に合う健康法がわかる
♢ 自分に必要なヨガポーズがわかる 
♦ 動きやすい服装でお越しになってください
♦ タオル、ヨガマット
♦ ランチ (お飲み物とスナックはご用意させていただきます。JCCC内で食べ物・お飲み物は購入できます。)

Experience finding your mind-body connection with the Yoga Kinesi Therapy 1-day workshop.

In this fast-paced modern world, we are struggling to get things done. In your head, you are aware of the importance of taking time to observe your mind and listen to your body.


Do you feel:

♦Stressed out?

Your mind is all over the place?
You want to learn how to listen to your body but you don't know how?
Curious about or interested in Yoga?

Then this is the workshop for you.

Japanese Yoga teacher & creator of Yoga Kinesiology Therapy, Mr. Yasuhiro Yato will be flying from Japan to Toronto, for this SPECIAL event this fall!

This workshop is an introduction to his Yoga Kinesiology Therapy. You will have an opportunity to learn one of the intelligent tools to find the wellness within you.

Learning to listen to your mind and body is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself. 

Event details:

When: Saturday, Sep 28th 2019 / Sunday, 29th 2019 (10am to 5pm)

Where: JCCC 1st floor Heritage Lounge (6 Garamond Crt, Toronto)

Participants: limited to 30/day

In this workshop, you will...

1. Find and Restore

Using techniques of muscle testing from Kinesiology, find a variety of information about the state of your body and mind. Restore your inner balance through relaxing Yoga poses and breathing exercises.

2. Learn

Learn the wisdom of Yoga: Ahimsa (nonviolence)

3. Move and Release

Yoga stretches for the upper part of the body.

4. Think and Learn

What is stress? What is satisfaction? Learn healthy ways of thinking, learn breathing techniques, and Yoga poses. Apply Yoga Philosophy into your daily life.

5. Learn

Learn the wisdom of Yoga: Kshama (forgiveness)

6. Practice and Release

Yoga stretches for the lower part of the body.

Ticket price: 

EARLY BIRD TICKETS until August 31st 2019
$115 (reg. $140)

**After August 31st, tickets will be $140**

**All tickets must be purchased in advance (no day-of sales) and tickets are non-refundable.**



E-transfer to OR purchase at Tokyo Beauty Studio (JCCC 2nd floor suite 245) by cash/credit/debit. Tickets are non-refundable.


Please bring:
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Towel and Yoga mat
  • Lunch (Drinks and snacks will be provided. Food and beverages also sold at JCCC)
Space is limited and Early bird tickets are coming to an end! Get tickets today!